Not least due to the inspiration and creativity of our customers, dividers are no longer just dividers. Information, advertising and design can be incorporated on divider pages. Printing images and colours, bespoke tab shapes and new materials present many ways of upgrading the divider to a valuable part of the overall presentation of your ring binder or documents. However, valuable doesn't necessarily mean expensive....

Our production faciliites often enable us to produce a unique and personalised design at similar cost to a conventional stock divider. Dividers can be printed by litho, screen, digital or foil, onto card, PVC or Polypropylene, in any size colour or quantity. Artwork can be accepted in Mac or Pc formats, via email, FTP or third party upload software.


With 19 different transparent colours to choose from, Mylar reinforcing could well be the cost effective solution to your colour coding needs. The colours are distinctive for easy subject classification and laminate makes tabs extremely durable. It can be applied over the printed titles saving you cost of multi coloured printing.




An extensive range of PVC and Polypropylene is available for use. With 15 solid colours of PVC and numerous different weights, colours and textures in Polypropylene accepting litho, foil or screenprinting. These dividers are almost indestructible, making them suitable for the heaviest of uses. Don't think these are just for industrial applications, it will also impart an air of quality if you want something just that little bit different.